SHAH Architecture & Interiors is a team of talented designers and professionals that are obsessed with thoughtful design and spaces that create a positive emotion. We work collaboratively with homeowners, investors, institutions, and property management teams to deliver a professional design service that produces high-quality designs and hand-crafted solutions for each client. We simply assemble materials, objects, light, and history. But the results are beautiful spaces that tell a unique story.

Reshma Shah Johnson, AIA, ASID, NCIDQ

Reshma Shah Johnson, AIA, is an architect, designer, and founding principal of SHAH, based in Savannah, Georgia. For the past two decades, she has devoted herself to creating environments that have a meaningful impact on the lives of others. Reshma's thoughtful, imaginative approach to design emerges from an introspective exploration that includes a project's purpose, siting, and place in history. She weaves her passion for design history and millwork into everything she does, creating inviting spaces designed to foster lasting connections and a sense of community. Reshma is the proud mother of two incredible daughters with her husband and business partner, Michael C. Johnson, and is an avid believer in the revitalizing power of 80's R&B.

Registered Architect - Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina
AIA Savannah - Board President 2022
Metropolitan Savannah Rotary - Member
University of Cincinnati, B.Arch

Michael C. Johnson, AIA

Michael C. Johnson, AIA, is an architect and principal of Savannah, Georgia-based firm SHAH. For over two decades, his work has been dedicated to the creation of design solutions that offer meaningful change and prosperity. Michael's fascination with theoretical physics is reflected in his practical, forward-thinking view of the built world, allowing him to transform concepts into reality. He effectively navigates complex project decisions to achieve overall stakeholder value, producing intentional environments centered on those who live and work in them. Michael is the proud father of two incredible daughters with his wife and business partner, Reshma Shah Johnson, and enjoys sharing the art of cooking with his family and friends.

Registered Architect - Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina
First Tee - Savannah - Board Member
AIA Savannah - Advocacy Chair 2012-2020
SCAD Design Review Council for School of Architecture - Founding Member
University of Cincinnati, B.Arch

Ryan F. Whelan, Assoc. AIA
Project Manager

Ryan F. Whelan, Assoc. AIA is a project manager known for his thoughtful manner and motivational qualities. An integral member of the SHAH team, Ryan's work is characterized by his enthusiasm for renovation and construction, assuring constructability and drawing communication are as considered as its design. His ability to build meaningful relationships between people at the heart of each project has resulted in a thriving community culture, playing a significant role in the firm's most notable endeavors. Ryan believes deeply in the importance of health and wellness and can also be found refinishing furniture, breathing new life into the old.

AIA Savannah - Associate Member
Savannah College of Art and Design, M.Arch
Wentworth Institute of Technology, B.S. Arch

Sydney Rusek, Assoc. ASID
Interiors Department

Sydney Rusek, Assoc. ASID serves within the interiors department, fully supporting interior design selections, presentations, and fulfillment. A fundamental source of inspiration for Sydney's work is the power of spaces and their transformative effect on individual and community wellbeing. Rooted in the desire to help others, her ethos is one of practicality without sacrificing beauty. She offers the team a contagious optimism and thoughtful curiosity about design and its capacity for change. Sydney takes pleasure in traveling to and exploring exotic locations while also cultivating a practice of creative and physical expression through pottery and sports.

American Society of Interior Designers - Associate Member
Savannah College of Art and Design, B.F.A. Interior Design, Cum Laude
Savannah College of Art and Design - Hong Kong, Semester Abroad

Cade Cotter, Assoc. AIA
Architecture Department

Cade Cotter, Assoc. AIA serves within the architecture department, providing assistance in all areas, ranging from design and construction documents to client presentations. His strong interest in design philosophies from different cultures, especially how their intersecting ideologies affect the lives of the communities they represent, is evident throughout his work. Cade's experience living abroad brings a unique perspective to the team and a sensitivity to how architecture can foster a sense of place and belonging. A technological and visual enthusiast, he spends his time creating and building, particularly inspired by everyday tasks and their impact on ritualistic behaviors.

AIA Savannah - Associate Member
Hobart and William Smith Colleges, B.A. Architectural Studies
Victoria University of Wellington, Semester Abroad

Alexia Brigstock, Assoc. ASID
Interiors Department

Alexia Brigstock, Assoc. ASID serves within the interiors department, assisting in all stages of interior design projects from inception to realization. At the core of her practice is a commitment to designing spaces that resonate deeply with their inhabitants. Alexia's work seeks to strike a balance between contemporary influences and artistic tributes to the past. Her determination and perseverance in the face of challenges reflect her ability to make a positive impact. As an artist and fitness enthusiast, Alexia finds joy in regularly exploring the intersection of creativity and physicality.

American Society of Interior Designers - Associate Member
Anderson University, B.F.A. Interior Design

Ishmael James, Assoc. ASID
Interiors Department

Ishmael James, Assoc. ASID serves within the interiors department, assisting in all aspects of interior design and interior architecture implementation. Ishmael's work is shaped by the belief that design is a vital tool for connecting people to their environment and their inner selves. He infuses authenticity and meaning into every project, supporting the realization of spaces that provide distinctive experiences and create personal and cultural connections. Ishmael's global insight and empathic outlook impart a sense of curiosity and sincerity into his daily life, extending to include an affinity for carefully curated playlists and a thrilling soccer match or two.

American Society of Interior Designers - Associate Member
Savannah College of Art and Design, B.F.A. Interior Design, Cum Laude
University of Nairobi, Interior Design

Malissa Fana
Administrative Manager

Malissa Fana is the administrative manager, overseeing office operations and team dynamics. Working closely with its founding principal, Malissa has been essential in supporting the firm's growth since its inception. Her unwavering commitment to its overall vision and enthusiasm for the work is evident in her interactions with the staff, building lasting connections with each member. Malissa's affinity for creating a welcoming and inclusive office setting contributes greatly to a collaborative workplace rooted in mutual admiration and gratitude. A fitness enthusiast, Malissa is equally comfortable in the sun on the sand as she is in the snow on the mountains.

Appalachian State University

Lisa Wigger
Accounting Manager

Lisa Wigger is the accounting manager, coordinating and supervising the company's finance systems. Her in-depth understanding of international financial management and business operations has proven invaluable to the firm's growth. Lisa brings a spirit of warmth and joy to the team, reflecting an enthusiasm for her work and an affinity for nurturing an atmosphere of community. She rises above the stereotypical administrative functions of her position, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on others. Lisa is also a metalsmith, infusing her love for numbers and the complexities of the Fibonnaci sequence into handcrafted, contemporary jewelry designs.

Savannah College of Art and Design, M.A. Metals and Jewelry
Louisiana State University, B.S. Accounting
Louisiana State University, B.S. Marketing
Louisiana State University, B.S. Management